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Ain Arr Journal

Vol : 29, No. : 35

Inn Arr (Strength) Journal is mainly about sports. It brings readers the latest soccer match scores, articles and news of celebrity in sports world locally and internationally.


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8 Days Journal

Vol : 9, No. : 36

8 day is also about entertainment environment. Celebrities interviews, their life style and fashion about local and international is present in this journal.


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7 Day

Vol : 16, No. : 40

Many category in this journal. Basely on daily news in categories like business, entertainment, politics, regional, Sports and ever world news, etc,.


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The Speaker News Journal

Vol : 2, No. : 4

Simple, true news that will change the way you think.


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Crime News Journal

Vol : 22, No. : 10

Crime News Journal mainly give knowledge of the crime case currently happening in Myanmar.


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Pyi Myanmar Journal

No. : 1105

Pyi Myanmar is loved by both young and old-aged readers. It includes many interesting news. Either local or international news are mentioned in Pyi Myanmar.


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Internet Journal

Vol : 18, No. : 49

Internet journal is about technical issues. It inform you about update mobile phones news, computer news, news products and even cars information.


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Health Digest Journal

Vol : 15, No. : 12

This journal is about health. You can find productive articles about health, interview on how celebrities take care their health and skin, how to take healthy food information that can help you to get a healthy life and family.


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DWave Journal

Vol : 6, No. : 48

D Wave journal is distributed by National League for Democracy (NLD) Party. Publishing online of electronic version of journal is for people leaving outside of our country. For people in Myanmar please buy journal to support NLD.


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Mobile Guide

Vol : 4, No. : 33

Mobile Guide Journal mention all about news and useful information of mobile devices. In this issue, reader can find update information of phone, tablet , notebook and mobile devices.


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May Myat Noe said it does not need to show off Boobs and Butts to be attractive

Kyaw Thu advised for voting Academy Award at Film Conference

Pwae Pwae with bad character and Ei Chaw Po as ghost with white eyes in

Garment factory fire in Thin Gan Gyun

Phway Phway focus on trying to play a villain character until she yelled at Director Wine

Ni Ni Khin Zaw have plan to post music video on facebook