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Popular Journal

Vol : 22, No. : 24

Popular Journal focus on celebrity news and fashion sector of Myanmar people. The Issue is one of the famous issue in Myanmar.


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Morning Post Journal

Vol : 3, No. : 761

This Journal is mainly about fashion and celebrities. Weekly fashion, interviews and articles about artist environments include in this journal.


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Mobile Guide Journal

Vol : 4, No. : 58

Mobile Guide Journal mention all about news and useful information of mobile devices. In this issue, reader can find update information of phone, tablet , notebook and mobile devices.


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Internet Journal

Vol : 19, No. : 24

Internet journal is about technical issues. It inform you about update mobile phones news, computer news, news products and even cars information.


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Health Digest Journal

Vol : 15, No. : 38

This journal is about health. You can find productive articles about health, interview on how celebrities take care their health and skin, how to take healthy food information that can help you to get a healthy life and family.


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Sun Rays

Vol : 1, No. : 202

Sun Rays is only about political news. It mainly criticize(point out) in crony business group and current true government structure.


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News Watch Journal

Vol : 13, No. : 12

This journal give you information about current news, events and photos.


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Modern Journal

No. : 617

Modern Journal mostly focus on general issues. You can find variety of sections in modern journal. So that both people with old ages and youths love to read it.


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Ain Arr Journal

Vol : 8, No. : 28

Inn Arr (Strength) Journal is mainly about sports. It brings readers the latest soccer match scores, articles and news of celebrity in sports world locally and internationally.


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8 Day

Vol : 10, No. : 10

8 day is also about entertainment environment. Celebrities interviews, their life style and fashion about local and international is present in this journal.


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What Myanmar Pyi Thein Tan said about fashion

What is Director U Kyi Soe Htun 's comment on Myanmar Entertainment Media Industry