One house collapsed because of canalization by municipal

    Academy Nay Aung said he felt bad if people are making jokes to U Phyo Min Thein as "Ko Nyein Maung"

    Su Pan Htwar said her son is her playmate

    May Madi said she won't get marry as long as her fans still love her

    Thar Nyi acted as villain in his movie

    Ye Lay Ma and Ei Tone said they will be better of selling salads again if their current job is not fine

    Director Mite Tee arrested with drugs in Tar Mway Township

    Myanmar state counselor to pay working visit to Singapore

    Staffs reduced as Civil helicopters are not allowed to fly

    Producing edible bird-nest from "Zi Wa Zoe" is processing with technology

    New music album, "Saik Nae Luu", of Wanted group introduced

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Ma Mi Mi funeral will be arranged on 17 August

Academy Lwin Moe said he is now a grandfather

The case of brother-in-law raping under age girl for more than 2 years is opened

Aye Wutt Yee Thaung said she have already chosen the one she think her real love

Man crashes plane into own house after argument with wife

Jenny is confusing to chose her career between lawyer and model