Why Myo Ko Ko San changes into transgender

    Many people visit Par Pant Island from Myeik during Thingyan

    Some YBS buses increase fare during the Thingyan festival

    Infinity War Super Heroes meet fans in Singapore

    Husband said about his wife killed by toad

    A rich Myanmar arrest for attack police in Thai Thingyan

    Crowded at Kabaraye Pagoda for releasing fish

    Suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria

    Topless man goes Shwedagon Pagoda

    Po Po said People should know about the law

    Crowded with revelers in Maung Taw on Second day of Thingyan Festival

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  • Myawadi News Journal run by military's Information and Public Relations department. The issue have all general news's sectors.

Victim's mother and lawer about singer Issani case

A Nyei Phyu said she is jealous like Ye Yint Aung

Linn Zar Ni Zaw want pass with art work at Thingyan

Closing Ceremony of Yangon City Pavilion

Pai Tagon happy meet with audience

View of Madalar Citizan about Mandalay Thingyan