A rich Myanmar arrest for attack police in Thai Thingyan

    Jet Li fans are worry for him because of the appearance of his photo

    More than one thousand government staffs had been charged

    Singer Ye Mon, member of No group, said they will return soon

    Thar Soe's ears are burning as people said his album CD got sold because his friends and relatives brought for his sack

    Yin Let had 2 car accidents and her facebook account is hacked 3 time in 4 days

    Ma Gyi San will take a role of mother in the movie

    Actress May Than Nu will act in the role as her son instructed in movie

    Htet Htet Moe Oo said thanks to all her audiences

    A private company is now in charge of Kan Nar street night bazaar

    What War So Moe Oo said about her fashion

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