Interview with Su Shoon Le from oversea

    Su Eaint San Criticized for Body-Shaming

    Grave Break happened in Shan Te Gyi cemetary, South Dagon

    Request to allow women's participation in 30% of legislative, executive, and judicial

    Next small earthquakes related with Pyhu Quake will happen in two or three months

    Please be patient to wait

    Thet Mon Myint will act a character that people don't think

    Air Taxi : The future of urban air transportation

    No one contact Poe Mi for singing because of her unattractive face

    First child kidney transplants in Yangon Children's Hospital

    Myint Myat announces he becomes a father

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  • 17/Jan/2018
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  • Vol : 2, No. : 29
  • 17/Jan/2018
  • The former lieutenant-colonel was given the nickname , ‘Bullet’ Hla Swe is published this journal. “Bullet Hla Swe” said he launched the new journal because he was “not satisfied” with the current media outlets, as he did not feel they were providing enough of a check and balance on the new government. He said most of the domestic media organisations were highly critical of former president U Thein Sein and his party, but are too soft on the National League for Democracy-backed administration.

  • 17/Jan/2018
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Thet Mon Myint's husband starts a first business in Myanmar

Ye Tight try to lose weight for returning acting

No one contact Poe Mi for singing because of her unattractive face

Starrings from

Moment with singer Shwe Htoo

Houses For Rent in Yangon