Win Khant Moe will give Cho Pyone all his income and create a large Buddhist Shrine

    Mayweather announces that he will fight Pacquiao again before the end of the year

    Min Yazar said he likes attitude of Singer Yone Lay

    Naing Naing injured at movie shooting of "Beyone Doke Hta Wadi"

    Entrance exam result of 11 Universities released

    A health Officer at Gant Gaw faced fabrication with drugs case

    Law prevention from freedom of speeches should be amended

    Victoria Beckham Celebrated The 10th Anniversary Of Her Fashion Brand

    Comedian Myaouk Shon said he is worried for new generation

    Lead inmate escaped from Pha Am prison captured dead

    What made Baby Maung sad?

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Myo Sandi Kyaw said she is divorced for the sake of her daughter

Zan Khi's couple said a lot of people interested acting in Myanmar

Sai Sai said he will answer all to beautiful model girls' questions

Singer Wai La have plan to arrange arrange solo music concert with Orchestra

Singers at MTV Shooting scene of Tin Zar Maw 's new song

13 recaptured among 41 jail break