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You can say this journal is a very colorful with many categories. Daily base issues are lunch every day. Domestic and international news in entertainment, sport, business and article.

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  • Issue Date: 22/Jun/2018
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  • Ariana Grande first to hold top 3 on Billboard chart since the Beatles
  • Bride Wears 2-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle at Wedding
  • Labour MP 'cut head open during extreme bondage session at New York sex dungeon - then pretended injuries were from an 'accident'
  • Whopping ₤153 million EuroMillions jackpot scooped by lucky Irish ticket holder
  • Chinese tourist arrested in US for fighting in public accused of domestic violence

  • Skiers feared buried after avalanche at Swiss ski resort
  • OBESE STAR DEAD Sean Milliken dead
  • ISIS bride Shamima Begum will have her British citizenship revoked, family lawyer says
  • 5G will be a central front in the US-China war for technological supremacy