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This North Carolina Couple Reportedly Spent $25,000 to Clone Their Cat
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One of music’s most popular singers reportedly inspired one North Carolina couple to clone their pet. When Bryan and Ashley Bullerdick read an article about Barbara Streisand cloning her late dog Samantha, a light bulb went off. The couple decided to shell out $25,000 to clone their cat, Cinnabun. “We never really thought much about the cost,” Bryan said, according to People. “It is a lot of money but I know people who spend that on vacations all the time. This is an animal that we hope will be with us for two decades.” Cinnabun had been with the couple since their 1999 wedding. Worried about how much longer she would be a part of the family, they decided to order a DNA kit from ViaGen Pets, the same company Streisand used.

“Cinnabun was so dear to us,” Ashley said. Shortly after the couple finally started the process, Cinnabun passed away. Less than a month later, on February 4, Cinnabun’s clone was born. The couple says the similarities between the two cats are uncanny. “When we saw the pictures of her, she looked identical to Cinnabun when she was a kitten so we just kept the same name,” Bryan said. The pair pointed out that the new Cinnabun even chose the same sleeping spot as her predecessor — right above Ashley’s head.

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