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More than 20 people are presumed dead after arsonist screaming 'You die!' bursts into Japanese animation studio and sets it on fire
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At least 24 people are feared dead after a man screaming 'You die!' burst into an animation studio in Japan and set it on fire. The suspected arson attack in Kyoto injured at least another 36 people, Japanese authorities said. An official said one person had been found on the second floor of the three-storey Kyoto Animation building 'in cardio-respiratory arrest,' a term used in Japan to signify a victim's death before it is officially certified. They added that '10 or more people' were found in the same condition on the stairs from the second floor to the roof. The fire broke out in the building in Japan's ancient capital Kyoto, after the suspect, a man in his 40s, sprayed an unidentified liquid to accelerate the flames.

One person died of severe burns, and most of the 10 seriously injured suffered severe burns. Rescuers found 12 people presumed dead on the first and second floors and as many as 18 others could be still trapped on the third floor. The suspect was also injured and taken to hospital and police are investigating him on suspicion of arson. Survivors who saw the attacker said he was not a colleague and that he was screaming 'You die!' when he dumped the liquid and started the fire, according to Japanese media reports. Footage on Japan's NHK national television showed grey smoke billowing from the charred building. Other footage showed windows blown off. 'There was an explosion, then I heard people shouting, some asking for help,' a woman told TBS TV. 'Black smoke was rising from windows on upper floors, then there was a man struggling to crawl out of the window.'

Witnesses in the neighbourhood said they heard bangs coming from the building, and others said they saw people coming out blackened, bleeding and walking barefoot, Kyodo News reported. Rescue officials set up an orange tent outside the studio building to provide first aid and sort out the injured. Fire department officials said more than 70 people were in the building at the time of the fire and many of them ran outside. Kyoto Animation, better known as KyoAni, was founded in 1981 as an animation and comic book production studio, and is known for mega-hit stories featuring high school girls, including Lucky Star, K-On! and Haruhi Suzumiya.

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