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Heartbroken dog chained to gate and left to die with six nursing puppies
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A heartbroken dog was chained to a gate and left to die as she was nursing six newborn puppies. Awful photos show the exhausted and starving mama pooch – who has since been named Emmy Lou – lying on her side while nursing the pups. She was spotted by a walker by chance dumped in a field in Elphin, Ireland. Her six puppies were so young they had not even opened their eyes yet. And the brave mum kept going to feed her offspring despite being chained to a steel post, freezing and alone. They were taken to a vet at the ISPCA National Animal Centre in Longford for to undergo urgent care.

All seven dogs were cold and hungry, but fortunately did not appear to have any health issues. It is unclear how long the dog family had been abandoned in the field. Her little puppies have been named Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June and Patsy. They will remain in ISPCA care until they can be rehomed in the New Year.

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