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DNA Found in 70,000-Year-Old Pinky Bone Gives 1st Glimpse of Ancient Human Relative
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DNA Found in 70,000-Year-Old Pinky Bone Gives 1st Glimpse of Ancient Human Relative

What did prehistoric teens look like? Thanks to some scientists at Hebrew University in Israel, we now have some idea. The researchers were able to reconstruct our human ancestor's face with DNA found in the pinky bone of a 13-year-old girl who died tens of thousands of years ago. Known as a Denisovan, the girl was a member of a species of ancient human that is similar to the Neanderthals. "This is the first time that we provide a detailed anatomical reconstruction showing us what these humans looked like," said Hebrew University genetics professor Liran Carmel.

According to scientists, Denisovan DNA is believed to have helped modern-day Tibetans live at high altitudes as well as contributed to the Inuits' abilities to withstand shockingly cold temperatures.

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