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Toddler girl has a chopstick lodged in her BRAIN through her mouth after she tripped over on stairs while eating
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A three-year-old girl has miraculously survived after a chopstick pierced 1.6 inches into her brain through her mouth. The toddler had tripped over while eating with a pair of chopsticks at her home in Hanzhong city on January 8, local media reported. Doctor successfully removed the utensil lodged just 1mm (0.04 inches) away from her brainstem which controls many vital body functions.

The toddler, identified as Tong Tong, was about to have lunch at around 2pm when the tragedy occurred. She took a tumble and her mouth impaled on the eating utensil, according to a report on Kan Kan News on January 11. She was immediately taken to the Xi'an Children's Hospital. Doctors found out that the chopstick had pierced into her cerebellum through the oral cavity. Tong Tong underwent a CT scan which revealed that some 13cm (5.1 inches) of the chopstick had poked through her mouth and 4cm (1.6 inches) was stuck in the brain.

Mi Weiyang, a neurosurgeon of the hospital, told Kan Kan News: 'The chopstick was just 1mm away from the brainstem, which is the key organ for a human being.' According to Britannica, the brainstem houses many of the control centres for vital body functions, such as swallowing, breathing, and vasomotor control. If the chopstick moved, it was likely to lead to internal bleeding or even death, said Dr Mi. The doctors removed the chopstick in the wee hours of January 9 - about 11 hours after the girl was injured. According to the report, Tong Tong remains in stable condition.

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