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Bandaged bodies spark HORROR in worrying scenes
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Bandaged bodies spark HORROR in worrying scenes

Google Maps cameraman were likely subject to a huge shock during a recent trip to South America, when faced with bizarre-looking bodies. The Street View team stumbled upon the odd find outside a set of dustbins in Chile. Clearly put out on the kerb for their morning collection, the regular refuse sacks were joined by what were dubbed “mummies corpses”. These were a series of bodies, of differing shapes and sizes, wrapped up in bright white bandages covering their entire figures.

The figures were slumped up against the bins while a few were spotted poking out of the top. In the daylight, they were clear for all to see. Yet, on closer inspection, it becomes evident they are shop mannequins rather than carefully-preserved human bodies. It is not known why there are so many of them, or where they come from. It is additionally unclear how long they had been there for.

Meanwhile, a very real life woman caused sheer shock with her behaviour when the Google Maps cameras came to call. The female in question will perhaps be regretting her actions should she spot the scenes on the website, which are now available for all the world to see. During that particular day of photography the sun was shining which, understandably, brought many residents outside. Some decided to sit outside their properties for a prime bit of tanning time. Others opted for summer attire to make the most of what looked to be sweltering climes.

Yet one female in particular appeared to take the seasonal dress code a step too far. She was spotted standing by a car, wearing a ruffled black dress. Appearing eager to show her playful side at the moment the Google Maps cameras went by, she lifted the hemline of her dress to expose her bare bottom. With her face masked from view, she appeared confident her identity would not come to light. Meanwhile, a fellow resident sat on a wall and simply looked on as the rude antics unfolded.

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