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Highway covered in cash after an armored vehicle's door blew open
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It really did fall off the back of a truck. Drivers were sent scrambling Tuesday night when cash came pouring out of an armored vehicle after its door opened on an Atlanta-area highway. Georgia cops are urging anyone who pulled over to scoop up money from the truck to bring it back. More than 15 cars hit the brakes around 8 p.m., shortly after rush hour, to grab loose bills along I-285, according to CBS News. The mayhem started when a side door on the armored car appeared to pop open accidentally, sending cash into the interstate’s westbound lanes.

Dunwoody, Ga., police issued a warning to anyone who may have driven off with money that wasn’t theirs that they could face prosecution. A man found and returned more than $2,000 after Tuesday’s windfall, according to CBS. Dunwoody cops also thanked citizens who brought in wayward cash. “Honesty is the best policy,” they police department wrote on Twitter. “Some people have been returning the money that fell from an armored car on I-285 last night. We salute you for doing the right thing.”

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