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Detroit Police Officer Ploughs Into BLM Protesters In Shocking Video
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Witnesses have said the police car hit around 10 to 12 protesters as it ploughed forwards into the large crowd in south Detroit, resulting in multiple injuries. The severity of these injuries has not yet been confirmed. The footage, which has since gone viral, shows protesters clinging to the hood as the vehicle surges forward, while screams and shouts of ‘Oh my God’ could be heard. At one point in the clip, a protester could be seen falling to the ground, managing to roll out of the path of the vehicle in time.

Earlier that day a coalition of 29 groups, including Detroit Will Breathe, BAMN, ACCESS and the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation, led a protest march called Your Fight is My Fight, in a bid to bring together communities of colour. The event, which was attended by around 300 people, saw activists protest against a range of issues including institutionalised racism, police brutality, deportation, evictions and water shut-offs.

Detroit Police spokeswoman Sgt. Nicole Kirkwood has confirmed to the Detroit Free Press that the Detroit Police Department will now carry out an investigation into both the actions of the protesters and the police officer who had been driving the SUV.

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