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8-year-old girl, left unsupervised while sister made TikTok video, drowns in Bali pool
1205  Light Myanmar 

An 8-year-old girl from Bali’s Buleleng regency died after she slipped and fell into a swimming pool. The tragic accident reportedly occurred as her older sister left her unsupervised while making TikTok content.
The incident took place yesterday morning at a villa in Tejakula district, where the victim’s older sister, identified as 17-year-old PDKP, rented the place for a short time with two friends to make videos, which police said today was for the hugely popular video-sharing platform TikTok.
According to a statement issued by Buleleng Police, the victim, identified as KDJ, came along and went straight to the edge of the pool once they arrived, but was initially supervised by the older kids. She was left alone not long after, as PDKP and her friends left the pool area to make videos in another section of the villa.
Authorities say PDKP’s friends warned her about leaving KDJ alone by the pool, worried if the younger kid didn’t know how to swim. However, PDKP reassured them that KDJ was able to swim and the group left her unsupervised.
They returned to the pool area after about 15 minutes, only to find that KDJ was nowhere in sight. The friends then found the 8-year-old dead at the bottom of the pool.
Police say that KDJ slipped and may have hit her head, losing consciousness before she eventually drowned and died.

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