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Heartbreaking Footage Shows Owner Abandoning Golden Labrador At Roadside
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Footage has emerged online of the heartbreaking moment Henry, a 13-year-old Golden Labrador, is abandoned by his owner at the side of a road.
The clip shows a woman pulling up to the roadside in her Tesla, before stepping out with the pooch. Initially, she gets back in the car, before stepping back out to put a lead on him and walk over to the wooded area.
Soon after, she jogs back to the car and speeds away, leaving Henry all by himself with no owner, nor a home to go to. The video was filmed by Brandon Price, who posted the clip to Facebook writing: ‘To the b*tch that dumped her dog and just drove off, I hope your tesla gets all the windows bashed and tires slashed.’
It was then shared by I Paw’d It Forward, a nonprofit in Washington dedicated to helping the local community with lost and found pets, as well as generally helping animals. Brandon has since began to raise money for the charity.

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Posted by I Paw'd It Forward on Friday, August 7, 2020

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