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Pigs Exempted: Study Uncovers 48 Animal Species Most Likely to Get Coronavirus
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New research reveals that not all animals are the same when it comes to coronavirus. Others seem to be more susceptible to the virus than other species. Indian scientists studied the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 - the entry point of the coronavirus, in 48 animals using a computer model to predict the infectivity of each one. The study included a wide range of animals, including mammals, reptiles, and birds. The authors claim that their findings could help identify animals likely to be reservoir hosts for future disease outbreaks.

The models suggest that all primates aside for baboons are as vulnerable as humans in contracting the coronavirus. It also revealed that rats were less likely to catch the virus than pet turkeys. Additionally, turkeys were more susceptible to the virus than ducks. The study worked on by researchers from the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, and the ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute also found that the horseshoe species in bats appeared highly susceptible. In contrast, the pale spear-nosed species did not.

Meanwhile, in birds, golden eagles and turkeys were on high vulnerability while ducks and white-tailed eagles were marked low in probability, followed by chickens. Among cloven-hoofed animals, pigs were the only species found not to be susceptible, while the rest were given a 99 percent probability of viral access. Camels were also found to be vulnerable. Mice were said to be much less likely to contract the virus than hamsters. On the other hand, rabbits had a medium plausibility of viral entry.

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