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Keyboard Jeans And Nine Other Bizarre Inventions No One Asked For
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Bringing a whole new meaning to ‘soaking up rays’ while at the beach, this unusual two piece – from Brooklyn-based designer Andrew Schneider – allows the wearer to charge up their phones and other small electronic devices. It’s also said to be perfectly safe to wear while taking a dip in the pool.
Sadly, the product page for this interesting piece of tech appears to have been taken down, and a quick Google search would suggest it would be tricky to get your hands on it nowadays. But still, certainly a useful idea, if a bit out there.
Again, it would appear that there are some people who simply can’t look at a pair of jeans without wondering what other purposes they could be used for.
Enter the Keyboard Jeans, the most baffling pair of pants I’ve seen in a long time. The jeans connect to a computer via WiFi, allowing the user to move about while typing away.
And just in case you weren’t attracting enough raised eyebrows, a mouse is attached to the jeans with an elastic cord like a weird dangling belt.

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