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Woman allegedly sexually harassed by Foodpanda deliveryman
1371  Light Myanmar 

She typically orders food to be delivered to her apartment three or four times a week.
But last Thursday night, the public relations manager, who wanted to be known only as Miss Qiao, 24, says she got more than she bargained for.
The Foodpanda deliveryman not only entered her shared rental unit without permission, but he also sexually harassed her by asking her for sex, said her boyfriend Kenneth Ong.
Adding insult to injury, the man in his 20s then laughed nonchalantly when she screamed at him to leave, Mr Ong, 29, told The New Paper yesterday.
He said that when Miss Qiao went to open the front door of the apartment at Textile Centre in Jalan Sultan at about 10.15pm, she was shocked to see him outside her bedroom door.
After asking for payment, he allegedly asked Miss Qiao, who was wearing a singlet, if she was wearing a bra.

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