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Lava, honour and obey! Couple get married beneath dramatic plume of ash as volcano erupts behind them in the Philippines
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A Filipino couple did not let their wedding get foiled by nature as they went ahead with tying the knot, against the backdrop of the ash-spewing Taal volcano on Sunday. Despite the threat posed by one of the Philippines' most active volcanoes, Chino Vaflor and Kat Bautista Palomar went ahead with their wedding ceremony - as steam and ash rose high into the sky behind them. Wedding photographer Randolf Evan told the BBC there was 'no prior notice at all' that the volcano was stirring.

'We noticed white smoke coming out of Taal during preparations around 2pm and from then on we knew something unusual was already going on with the volcano,' he said. Later in the afternoon Filipino authorities raised the alert to the second-highest level as they warned an 'explosive eruption' could take place in as little as a few hours. The estimated 450,000 people living within the nine mile radius of the volcano were told to leave.

But despite the warning, the wedding celebrations took place at its planned venue - at the Savannah Farm, Alfonso, only six miles from the volcano. Mr Evan said everyone felt safe to stay as the venue was on higher ground. 'Surprisingly everyone was calm and relaxed. It was an intimate wedding so guests were mostly the couple's family and close friends, and thus nobody really left,' he said. 'We could feel the ash raining on our clothes,' Mr Evan said. 'But it didn't feel alarming until night time came when it became a bit heavier and mud-like.'

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