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YouTuber lounges in porcelain pool embedded in Sai Kung cliff
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A Hong Kong YouTuber has stumbled upon a rather paradoxical, if not puzzling, sight—a porcelain bathtub embedded into the rocky cliffs of Sai Kung.
In a YouTube video posted on Feb. 1, a man wearing swim trunks and a cap films himself relaxing in the 1.5-meter-long bath as he operates a drone overhead.“A mysterious bathtub overlooking scenery comparable to the Maldives,” the YouTuber, Wing Chu, wrote on a Facebook page where drone enthusiasts share their photography.
The site is close to Secret Garden, a picturesque spot at Little Palm Beach where local tourists come to pose with tunnels made out of rocks and trestle.
The misplaced bathtub appears to be relatively unknown. Instagram location searches of Little Palm Beach, where the bathtub is said to be, showed only two public images taken in the past three months. On Facebook, at least two users shared photos of the installation in early February.

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