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South Sulawesi woman stabs 4-year-old stepdaughter to death with pen
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A woman in Pinrang regency, South Sulawesi stabbed her 4-year-old stepdaughter to death with a pen, local police said, in what has become one of the most gruesome cases of child homicide in Indonesia in recent memory. According to the police, on Tuesday, 27-year-old Sanima stomped on the victim, identified by her initials MT, before she took out a pen and repeatedly stabbed her in the chest. Sanima tried to get medical help for her stepdaughter, but the girl unfortunately succumbed to her injuries not long after.

The incident occurred when MT’s father was away from home. After he was alerted by neighbors, he rushed home to find that his daughter had already died. Police said that Sanima was driven to commit the murder because she was angry that her husband played favorites with MT over her child. “They were widow and widower, then they got married. They both brought a child each to the marriage. The child of the suspect was not received well by the husband,” Dharma Negara, who heads Pinrang Police’s Crime Investigation Unit, said.

Dharma added that Sanima’s anger boiled over when her husband told her to give her child over to her ex-husband. Sanima has been charged with child homicide and may face up to 15 years in prison.

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